Abnormal Glow Discharge/Negative Resistance
5449989 Energy conversion system  Correa, Paulo N. et. all 

5502354 Direct current energized pulse generator utilizing autogenous cyclical pulsed abnormal glow discharges  Correa, Paulo N.

Biological Electricity
4085254 Biological apparatus for generating electrical power and process for producing bacteria electrolyte ***
 Atkins, Lyle D.

Casimir Force
5372688 Article comprising a casimir force modulator and methods therefore *** Fabrizio Pinto
6665167 Method for energy extraction-I *** Fabrizio Pinto
6477028 Method and apparatus for energy extraction *** Fabrizio Pinto

Cold Fusion
6650527 System for electrolysis of liquid electrolyte *** Patterson, James A.

5494559 System For Electrolysis *** Patterson, James A. 
5632870 Energy generation apparatus *** Kucherov, Yan R.
5659173 Converting acoustic energy into useful other energy forms *** Putterman, Seth J. *

3890511 Electret pulse generator Haugsjaa, Paul O. *

3924324 Method manufacture electret Kodera, Yoichi

3927354 Device for generating electric sparks for igniting flammable vapors containing gas and air 
Bauser, Herbert * 

4205242 Electret bistable system Micheron, Francois * 

4288735 Vibrating electret reed voltage generator Crites, Roger C.

5590014 Method and apparatus for supplying electric power Bushman, Boyd B.

4595852 Electrostatic generator Gundlach, Robert
4897592 Electrostatic energy field power generating system Hyde, William

Electrical Healing
1962565 Apparatus with circuits oscillating under multiple wave lengths Lakhovsky, Georges 
2351055 Tube for producing multiple wave lengths Lakhovsky, Georges 

Electromagnetic Motors/Solenoid type

3983426 Method and means of utilizing magnetism to achieve rotation of a drive shaft Kilmer, Charles L. 

4019103 Electromagnetic motor and generator Davis, Oliver Thurston * 
4024421 Magnetically operable engine or power plant Teal, Benjiman R

4025807 Electromagnetic Motor Clover, Leonard W. * 

4345174 Electromagnetic Engine *** Angus, Neil H.

5276372 Reciprocating Electic Motor Hammer, Charles F. 
5457349 Reciprocating Electromagnetic Gifford, Leland W. 

4595852 Electrostatic generator Gundlach, Robert W. 

4897592 Electrostatic Energy Field Power Generation system *** Hyde, William W.

Fuel Cells
3811950 Biochemical Fuel Cell and Method of Operating Same *** Dominic, Avampato C.

3979225 Nitrogen Dioxide Regenerative Cell *** Smith, Stanley W.*

5094928 Modular fuel cell assembly Dyer, Christopher
4136059 Method for producing highly dispersed catalytic platinum Jalan, Vinod M*

5476826 Process for producing carbon black having affixed nitrogen Greenwald, Anton C*

5280864 Method for Transiently Altering the Mass of Objects to facilitate their Transport or Change their Stationary
Apparent Weights *** Woodward, James F.

Heat Engines
2402463 Novelty Device Drinking Bird *** Sullivan, M.V.

4624109 Condensing atmospheric engine and method *** Minovitc, Michael A. 

5547341 Device for thermal transfer using air as the working medium ***** Amin, Sanjaykumar

Heat Pipes/Thermal Diodes
3803688 Method of making a heat pipe Peck, Wayne P.

4067315 Solar heat Pipe Fehlner, Francis P.*

4336837 Entirely passive heat pipe apparatus capable of operating against gravity *** Koenig, Daniel R.

4355522 Passive ice freezing-releasing heat pipe *** Gorski, Anthony J.*

4683940 Unidirectional heat pipe *** Ernst, Donald M.*

5332030 Multi-directional cooler Spencer, Alan L.*

5587618 Direct Current homopolar machine *** Hathaway, George D.

WO95/08210 A Homopolar generator *** Tae Young Jeong

4105963 Brushless welding generator Dobranis, Aurel

4503349 Self-excited high current DC electrical pulse generator Miller, Henry W

4514653 Commutatorless direct current machine Batni, Prahlada R

4562368 Brush mechanism for a homopolar generator Weldon; William F*

4691133 Iron-free rotary disk electrical machine Mongeau; Peter

2006676 Electrolytic Carburetor (Fuel is water!) *** Garrett, C.H.

3980053 Fuel supply Apparatus for Internal Combustion engines (Fuel is water!) ***** Horvath, Stephen

EP55134A1 Hydrogen supply Cornish, Francois Patrick 
EP55134B1 Hydrogen supply unit Cornish, Francois Patrick
4014777 Welding (Welder - Browns Gas) Brown, Yull 

4185593 Transformation of electrical energy to physical energy McClure, Kenneth S. 

4332219 Electrocombustion engine Gonzalez, Ernesto 

5089107 Bi-polar Autoelectrolytic Hydrogen generator Pacheco, Francisco 

5372688 System for electrolysis of liquid Patterson, James A. 

5494559 System for Electrolysis Patterson, James A. 
5513600 Water fuel converter for automotive and other engines Teves, Antonio Y. 

5794601 Fuel pretreater apparatus and method ***1/2 Pantone, Paul

Inertia Drives
3968700 Convert Rotary Motion To Unidirectional Motion Cuff, Calvin I.

4631971 Apparatus for Developing Propulsion force (EZKL) Thornson, Brandson R. 

4712439 Apparatus for Producing a force North, Henry 

5488877 Centrifugal Inertia Drive Lieurance, Richard L.

5557988 Centripetally Impelled Vehicle Claxton C. John
5782134 Electromagneticaly actuated trust generator Booden, James D. 

5167163 Energy transfer device McMahon, John C

Magnetic Current
4114161 Magnetic current antenna Shibano, Yoshizo

Permanent Magnet Propulsion
3879622 Permanent Magnet Motion Conversion Device * Ecklin, John W.

4074153 Magnetic Propulsion *** Baker, Daniel

4151431 Permanent Magnet Motor *** Johnson, Howard R.

5402021 Magnetic propulsion system *** Johnson, Howard R.

4877983 Magnetic force generating method and apparatus *** Johnson, Howard R.

4215330 Permanent Magnet Propulsion *** Hartman Emil T.

Photon Torpedo's
4959559 Electromagnetic or Other Directed Energy Pulsed Launcher Ziolkowski; Richard W. US Department of
Energy, DOE

Producer Gas

4445910 Gas generation system *** Zimmerman, Edwin H. 

4452611 Downdraft Biomass Gasifier *** Richey, Clarence B. 

4388082 Device for Obtaining Large Amounts of Combustible Gas from Carbonaceous Materials * Guttmann,
Friedrich W.

5226927 Wood Gasifier *** Rundstrom, David A.

4306506 Gasification Apparatus * Rotter, Franz

5197279 Electromagnetic energy propulsion Taylor, James R.

5142861 Nonlinear electromagnetic propulsion method and system Schlicher; Rex L.

5402021 Magnetic propulsion system *** Johnson, Howard R.

Pulsed Power: with energy recovery
3849670 SRC commutation circuit for pulse generator Lourigan, Ronald F.

4674022 SRC Priming & sweep out circuit Ver Planck, Peter

Quantum Effects/Brownian/Radiant

Application Rock Battery Townsend Brown

3982207 Quantum effects in heterostructure lasers Dingle, Raymond

4152537 Electricity generator Hansch, Ronald V.

4685047 Converting radio frequency to DC Phillips, Sr., Raymond P. 

4772816 Energy conversion system Spence, Geoffrey M.

5252176 Crystalline SI2HSB2 Henson, Robert E.

5590031 Zero Point to AC Mead, Jr., Franklin B. *

3881309 Nuclear battery Jenni, Rene * 
4759894 Production of Ultra High temps/60 million degrees farenheight McCorkle, Richard A. 

4835433 Direct conversion of decay to electricity Brown, Paul M.

5825839 Method and apparatus for converting radioactive materials to electrical energy Baskis, Paul T. 

Radioation Energy / Cosmic Microwave background
685957 Apparatus for the utilization of radiant energy, Nikola Tesla

Refrigeration: Passive
4023375 Water-ammonia refrigeration system using solar energy Chinnappa, James C. V. * 

4028078 Method and apparatus for absorption refrigeration system Peckham, David G.

4362025 Solar powered refrigeration apparatus Theakston, Franklyn H.
4498307 Absorption cold and warm water system utilizing solar heat Hibino, Yozo 

4538424 Air cooling unit for vehicle Meyers,Joseph
4744224 Intermittent solar ammonia absorption cycle refrigerator Erickson, Donald C. 

5490398 High efficiency absorption cooling and heating apparatus and method Cline, Calvin

Refrigeration: Magnetic
4033734 Magnetic Refrigerator Steyert, Jr., William A.*

4704871 Magnetic Refrigerator Paramagnetism Barclay, John A.*

Resonant Circuits
4622510 Paramagnetic electric machine Cap, Ferdinand 

4709323 Buck-Boost parallel resonant converter Lien, Charles 

4748311 Parallel resonant circuit tuned to twice the chopper frequency Thomas, Friedrich-Werner* 
5146395 Power supply including two tank circuits McKie, Richard L.

92428 Sonic resonance boiler, Immersion boiler, Peter Davey

3928145 Process for producing power, fresh water, and food from the sea and sun Othmer, Donald F.

Super Conducting Motors
4882509 Motor incorporating a superconducting shield * Wottlin, James E.

5011821 Method for generating electricity McCullough, Charley E.

3899359 Thermoelectric Generator Stachurski, John Z. O. 

4004210 Reversible thermoelectric converter with power conversion of energy fluctuations Yater, Joseph C. 
4111717 Small-size high-performance radiation thermopile Baxter, Ronald Dale 

4125122 Direct enegy converter device Stachurski, John Z. O. 

4149025 Method of fabricating thermoelectric power generator modules Niculescu, Vasile 

4251290 Thermopile formed of Conductors *** Gomez, Ernesto E.

4368416 Thermionic thermoelectric generator system and apparatus *** James, Jasper L. 

4380909 Method and apparatus for co-generation of electrical power and absorption-type heat pump air conditioning
 Sung, Harry M. Chevron 

4448028 Thermoelectric generator with heat pipes Chao, Shun-lung 

4673863 Thermoelectric generator for engine exhaust Swarbrick, Alan

5726380 Thermo-electric power generation using porous metal blocks having a plurality of thermocouples connected in
series Ozutsumi, Michio *
5288336 Thermoelectric energy conversion Strachan, John S. *

5393350 Thermoelectric generator and magnetic energy storage unit Schroeder, Jon M. 
5597976 Thermoelectric generator and magnetic energy storage unit with controllable electric output
 Schroeder, Jon M.

5770911 Resonant Thermoelectric generator Cheng, Kan 

5817188 Fabrication of thermoelectric modules and solder for such fabrication Yahatz, Michael 

5665176 N-type Thermoelectric materials hinohara, Kazuhiko 
4111717 Small size high-performance radiaion thermopile Baxter, Ronald Dale

Vortex Tubes
1952281 Method and Apparatus for Obtaining from a Fluid Under Pressure Two Currents of Fluid at Different
 Temperatures Ranque, G. J. 

3786643 Vortex Tube Anderson, Richard T.

4240261 Temperature-adjustable vortex tube assembly Inglis, Leslie R.

5394703 Self-chilling food or beverage container Anthony, Michael 
5561982 Method for energy separation and utilization in a vortex tube which operates with pressure not exceeding
atmospheric pressure Tunkel, Lev  

5819541 Method of beverage cooling/heating on vehicles Tunkel, Lev 

5327728 Method of designing a vortex tube for energy separation Tunkel, Lev

4192285 Air tight fuel burning stove Nietupski, Val J. 
4309965 Vertical feed stick wood fuel burning furnace system Hill, Richard C.

4844051 Multi-fuel stove with catalytic burner Horkey, Edward J.

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